How To: Hack a VHS Camcorder into a Night-Vision Headset

Hack a VHS Camcorder into a Night-Vision Headset

Watch as Kipkay hacks a bulky VHS camcorder and turns it into a night vision headset. This video tutorial will show you that old technology can still be useful in today's world. Just think, you might not have ever been able to see in the dark corners of the night without this hacked VHS camcorder. Night vision isn't just for the military, it's for you, and me, and your dog...

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9 Comments its awesome... pure recycling

nice :)

but arent the LED's visible to human eyes?

Nope, you cant see infrared lighting. You would definitely show up like the sun to someone else who had night vision though, as NVGs can see the infrared lights (Supposing you would be using this for airsoft/paintball)

he used IR LEDs which emit infrared light not visible to the human eye its what your remote uses

kips got it together, just a little more tinker time

Will any viewfinder work, or do I need to use one from the specific model camera he used?

how much do you want if you would built me one? :) ,

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