How To: Build a 3D video camera using 2 Flip Mino HD cameras

Build a 3D video camera using 2 Flip Mino HD cameras

With the invention of 3D TVs and a 3D film showing in nearly every theatre, 3D seems to be the biggest craze lately. Did you know you don't have to spend a fortune to create one of these eye-popping movies yourself?

In this tutorial, learn how to take two inexpensive mini Flip cameras and turn them into a 3D model. All you will need is the cameras, a dual tripod and some 3D glasses.

So, follow along and join the 3D revolution!

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I was just wondering, since I am thinking of trying this, what type of camera mount are you using in this video? Because it seems like the perfect mount for this project, almost like it was made just to do this. Please let me know, and if you know where I could purchase one, that would be greatly appreciated.

Sure saves a lot of money for someone who wants to experiment with 3d video.

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