How To: Import HD video from a JVC Everio to a Mac via iLink

Import HD video from a JVC Everio to a Mac via iLink

Let us help you install your JVC Everio software and hook up your JVC HD Everio video camera to your computer. Just select your operating system.

Apple HD Tutorial Notes:

1. This tutorial explains how to import HD video to an Apple computer via iLink. For many applications, this will be the easiest method to import video to an Apple computer. If you are using iMovie '08, you must use i.Link

2. If you wish to use a USB connection to import video to your Apple computer, please consult the following website.

3. For best results with any Apple computer, please download & install the latest version of the Quick Time Component for Everio from the following website.

4. It is necessary to engage the "Dubbing Playback" mode in order to download video from an HD Everio via i.Link. This video shows the correct method to do this with a GZ-HD3 or GZ-HD7 camera. If you own a GZ-HD5 or GZ-HD6 camera, please refer to the owner's manual for the correct method to engage the "Dubbing Playback" mode.

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