How To: Transfer super 8mm film to your computer

Transfer super 8mm film to your computer

Do you have old super 8, or 8mm film lying around? In this video, learn how to transfer that film to your computer without spending loads of cash.

You Will Need:
• A smooth, white wall or piece of white paper
• A flat, raised surface or table
• A super 8mm projector
• A roll of super 8mm film
• A tripod
• A video camera
• An area with low light

Step 1: Place projector and camera
Place the projector and camera side by side, 4-6 feet from the wall.

Step 2: Frame projection in viewfinder
Power up your video camera. Then, turn the projector lamp on. Finally, frame the projected image through the viewfinder in your camera.

Step 3: Load your film
Attach your roll of film to the supply reel spindle. Then, insert the film into the loading slot. Finally, make sure your film is loaded properly.

Step 4: Record
Hit the record button your camera and turn the projector on. If correctly loaded, your film should begin projecting.

Step 5: Transfer and edit your film
Plug your camera into the computer according to its specified method. Then, use the editing software of your choice to capture the footage. Once you've successfully transferred the film to your computer, you can edit it, put it on a DVD, or share it with your friends and family online.

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