How To: Use the Sony Professional DSR-PD170 MiniDV camcorder

Use the Sony Professional DSR-PD170 MiniDV camcorder

Check out this video tutorial to show you how to use the Sony DSR-PD170 MiniDV camcorder. This video was made by the equipment room at CUNY Journalism School in New York.

The DSR-PD170 is a high quality video camera well suited to a broad range of applications -- from event videography to training videos to filmmaking. It's small size and long battery life make it ideal for use in the field, and its broad array of manual override features make it a very adaptable camera for all sorts of shooting environments.

You'll learn all of the following steps for using the Sony DSR-PD170 MiniDV camcorder: check the bag, mount the battery, powering on, inserting miniDV tapes, recording, zooming, focusing, use the LCD screen, auto lock, the gain button, the shutter speed button, white balance, the AE shift button, the audio level button, the iris button (f-stops), the push auto button, ND filters, the back light button and finally... the spot light button.

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