News: Make a motion triggered spy cam

Make a motion triggered spy cam

Make a motion triggered spy cam Admittedly, we've been quite hot on Kipkay lately, but can you blame us? This guy just keeps rolling out the wild inventions and bold pranks!

A motion triggered spy cam is high level 007 stuff.

Here's the scenario. You suspect your new roommate is eating your food, but you need proof. Thanks to Kipkay's brilliant invention, you catch the culprit in the act.

This hack utilizes a standard Radio Shack motion detector common to home security systems. Link it up to a USB camera and save yourself hours combing through empty tape.

If you are planning on building this yourself, we challenge you to take it a step further. Try adding a stop mechanism, or if you're really skilled- night vision!

Make a motion triggered spy camera

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Motion sensors are cool, I just hooked one up in my kids room that turns on siren lights and repeats, STAY IN YOUR BED, whenever the kid climbs out of the crib, works great!

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